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Have fun, respect other players, understand everyone brings different strengths to the group.  Donations help everyone, but donate at a level that allows you to play the game also.  If you are requesting troops fill any open requests, before adding your troop request. Remember it is JUST A GAME, and is played to ENJOY the diversion from real life.

Clan Guidelines :

Do not harass others

  • Do not disrespect other CoC Clan members or players on either Global or Clan Chat.
  • Never make any racist/extreme sexist comments.
  • No swearing or abusive language
  • No drama

Getting kicked from the clan

  • Clan Elders should only kick players in extreme situations.  They usually issue warnings, and report incident to the Clan Leader(s).
  • You will get warned or kicked for breaking any Clan rules. 
  • Any type of threat is grounds for immediate removal by Leaders/Elders.
Promotions and demotions

  • Clan Elders will recommend Clan Members for promotion on the forums or in-game.
  • Only Clan Sr. Leader(s) may promote or demote Clan members.
  • Never ask for Elder as a Clan Member.
Donation s

  • Donation standard is: Archers, unless member requests other troops, or you clear with requester first.
  • Before requesting troops, you must fill any open requests on CoC chat.
  • Troop donation minimum starts once you reach TH7.  This allows lower level  players to reach TH7 quicker, which will help the Clan
  • Donations should be a Min. of 200 per week and no less than 50% of your requested troops.

  • Must be active,  or check in to just help with donations.
  • An attempt should be made to donate 200 per week.  Low  donations consistently you may be removed from clan.
  • Players may go off line for a short period, be sure to notify a Clan Leader/Other players.  If something unexpected should happen and you are removed, just notify on us in the clan website chat.  If you were in good standing and there is still room, you will be added back to clan.
  • Trophy standards will be set/adjusted as group changes.  Members must maintain these levels unless exceptions are granted by Leaders
  • Player level is less important, but will be set as group matures.  Members must be at this level and should continue to grow through game play and donations.

New Rule Suggestions

Rule changes or rule additions are to be added in the forum section

Once a rule change or new rule is suggested there will be a 24 hour discussion period

After the discussion period the new rule change or rule will be put to a vote by all Cos and leader for a 24 hour period

All rule changes or new rules become effective beginning the next season